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  1. Closed Beta Testing

    THE TIME HAS COME! MidiCityRO's CBT is finally here! Be sure to bring your friends! Kindly register in our website: www.greytro.com Check out our forums, for the Midi Laws, Midi City Introduction, Announcements and more!: forums.greytro.com If you're not in our Discord channel yet, here's an invitation: https://discord.gg/3DwPqbf Don't forget to like our Facebook Page too!: www.facebook.com/MidiCityRO And lastly, if you don't fancy Discord much, you can always join our MidiCityRO Facebook Group with your friends: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1929001504019535/?source_id=313024419072448 ALL THE LOVE!
  2. Heyyaaa everyone~! It is I, the The Greyt Capricorn, yep all beginning letters should be CAPS.... ya get it CAPS 'cause I'm CAPricorn? . Okay never mind Anyway dear reader, Grey's introduction probably gave you a bit of an insight about Midi's development journey and staff attributes and I second that! "So what do you do?" Well, I was just a mere helper staff when Midi first started that does a bit of things from time to time but shit at it. And now with Midi City RO 2.0, technically, and an improved skill set, I am now part of the core development team I do custom maps (I did 6 already and another one in progress), basic scripting (I can do a dialogue script and basic quest script), a bit of DB (actually just replacing iteminfo.lua files and renaming items lol), in charge of the social media (I do the advertising and the graphic works needed for it) and just being Capri all around. I am also like the team's mum that tells the team what to do, ask how their current task is doing and pretty-ing things up. How to spot a Capri? You'll probably see me around our Facebook Page, Discord channel, Forums and in Midi City RO but Discord is where you'll see me and the rest of the staffs active and talking to everyone, although the staff mostly spend their free time by making fun of me . Anyway, don't worry about it, I'm used to them being naturally disrespectful and rude towards their mum That's basically it. Soooo... I'll see you guys around! Toodles!
  3. WOW, CRAPricorn? Banning you right now.
  4. must read

    I. Responsibility General This Terms of Service, is the conditional agreement in which all members of all parties involved conduct services within MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server. Administrator(s) and Co. consult on such platforms, but not limited to; Server, Client, Forum, Control Panel, Web-server and Social Mediums. Users of platform(s) acknowledge whether knowingly or unknowingly the below agreement and adhere to fair use of contents provided by services under MidiCityRO Administrator(s) and Co. Said agreement is worded to protect and preserve all parties involved under a basis of mutual understanding. About Us MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server (MidiCityRO) Administrator(s) and Co. are a not-for-profit Volunteer based free to play project. Vision Our Vision is to create/explore/expand and develop a nostalgic Low Rate Classic Pre-Renewal Private Ragnarok Online Server, true to its origin and core game-play values. In addition to amassing highly sought after pop-culture integration into game-play and reference. A server built by Otakus’ for Otakus! Contents All parties agree to adhere to any content(s) distributed in any shape or form in reference to MidiCityRO, whether it is content similarity; advertising, review, opinions, links, highlights, blogs, video or audio. These are subject to change at any time and without notice. MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server's Administrator(s) and Co. reserves the right to change any and all content(s) that MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server's Administrator(s) and Co. associates with. Privilege Users acknowledge that using any services provided by MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server, Administrator(s) and Co. is entirely voluntary and relinquish all stakes to claim ownership, whether fictional or nonfictional. Entitlement of use is the allowance of a free to use service and reserving name(s) on all platforms for individual use. Privileges can, and without notice, be changed/relinquished from any user at any time in the form of warnings, muting, suspensions, account banning, IP banning, renaming and deletion of any or all parts of user(s) account(s). Terms of Service Acknowledgment You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all sections of the above outlying acknowledgement. You understand that by agreeing to the above, you are equipped with a basis of mutual agreement with all parties involved with MidiCity Administrator(s) & Co. and MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Servers fellow users and players.
  5. must read

    II. Accounts Platform Services Services provided by MidiCityRO Administrator(s) and Co. extend out to particular platforms. Aside from the Main MidiCityRO Client and use of the Control Panel(FluxCP). Each user acknowledges that they will only register/use 1 account for the use of other platforms, being the Forums and Social Mediums that associate with MidiCityRO. Creating/Registering duplicate accounts for any reason(s) is prohibited and may result in punishable action to be taken. Ownership Users acknowledge that all ownership over any content(s)/services provided including accounts are owned by MidiCityRO Private Server Administrator(s) and Co. However users are encouraged to maintain vigilant security over the use of the accounts which they have access to or have created. Changing password(s) regularly and not making it too easy to guess, (e.g - abc123 or password) will help to deter potential threats to the security of the account. Sharing of accounts/in-game items is highly discouraged. Should the user knowingly partake in any form of this practice on any platform(s) associated with MidiCityRO, they're knowingly or unknowingly relinquishing their privileges to retrieve/restore/reimburse and reclaim any damages that may occur from the practice. Appeals Users acknowledge that decisions over situations in which they are directly involved may be appealed once and only one time. To apply for an appeal those who are involved must submit a ticket within the CP platform disclosing as much information as possible as to why a decision should be appealed. Should the appeal be accepted; the MidiCityRo team will seek a new decision and may even call upon the involved parties to seek a new resolution. The involved parties may nominate a mediator to assist in decision making under the approval of the MidiCityRO team. Should no resolution be found, the first decision stands and no more appeals over the situation will be accepted. All decisions made by a MidiRO Team member can be appealed, unless the decision is issued by a Head GM/Administrator/Team Leader with the specific notion added "Not to be appealed". Trading Users acknowledge that the trading or selling of one's account for real monetary values or in-game values is prohibited. As the user has no claim to ownership over the account or any account(s) in question. All ownership of accounts belong to MidiCityRO Administrator(s) and Co. This also applies to in game items/services being sold for real monetary values or monetary financial gain in any way. Severe punishments apply. Privacy Users acknowledge that they will not advertise/endorse knowingly to other users within all platforms associated with MidiCityRO unless explicitly approved by all parties involved. Users acknowledge that they will not expose sensitive information on other users unless explicitly approved by that user. (e.g. Passwords, Names, Age, Gender, Location, Emails, IP Address). Users acknowledge that they will not impersonate any user, including staff of MidiCityRO on any platform including those not associated with MidiCityRO. The MidiCityRO Team will never ask for your password! Or ask you to use a 3rd party program like "Skype" to communicate with them. The team can already access any server account via command. Asking a GM to show themselves before you is the best way to recognise a GM. (All GM's have a unique sprite that fits no job classes and their text appears "yellow" in general chat, should the user require further proof you may ask them to perform a command which is not available to players; @disguise, @size, @effect, @speed.) MidiCityRO is a highly customised project run by volunteers continuously implementing original ideas and content. All new content(s) created are explicitly owned by MidiCityRO Administrator(s) and Co. and to hereby remain within the MidiCityRO team and community. Terms of Service Acknowledgement You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all sections of the above outlying acknowledgement. You understand that by agreeing to the above, you are equipped with a basis of mutual agreement with all parties involved with MidiCity Administrator(s) & Co. and MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Servers fellow users and players.
  6. III. Rules of Engagement General Platform(s) Usage Rules Users acknowledge that they will use appropriate names. Any name deemed mildly inappropriate will be given the opportunity to rename. However, purposely using inappropriate names may face deletion with no appeal. Users acknowledge that they will abide by fair use acts and other Terms of services associated to the platform(s) being used in association with MidiCityRO. Users acknowledge to not excessively and purposely curse, swear, discriminate, belittle, instigate, bully, slander, provoke and commit racism/sexism or any acts deemed uncomfortable or inappropriate towards other users on any platform in association to MiDiCityRO. Users acknowledge to not performing any actions with the purposeful intention to harm or abuse any or all user(s) including self when using said platform(s). In-Game Rules Spamming messages or skills that disrupt any other players game-play will be considered abusive behaviour and deemed punishable. Scrolling is the act of causing the chat window to roll faster than any other player can respond to or type into efficiently, excessive scrolling is deemed punishable. Main chat and public chats are to be kept clean and to abide by the general platform rules stated above. Chat boxes are to be placed in non-populated areas as to not interfere with fellow players. Do not place a chat box over another player. AFK Leveling is the act of gaining experience through monster killing in which the player doesn't actively kill the monster. By being away from the console or performing other actions on the console (alt-tabbed). All users are to report an AFK leveler. Users may test their responsiveness by chatting (avoid making sound effect noises, as that often is what one who is performing the act listens out for to return and often gives some excuse for the behaviour). Screenshots and time frames must be included in reports if no active MiDiCityRO team member is active at the time, and placed into the appropriate reporting area of forums. This also includes players who use flywings/teleport to random locations to go AFK once again. Use and abuse of any hacks, bots, auto-programs, DDOS, 3rd-party software/hardware, mods, exploits, bugs, client folder changes and any loopholes are strictly forbidden acts and dealt with by severe punishment. Report any bugs found in-game. Exploitation of any bug(s) is punishable. Kill-Stealing, though often accidental, can be an occurrence that players abuse excessively. If you feel that a player is kill-stealing purposely and without remorseful action. Report the player. Spawning monsters/MVP's is the act of spawning any monster on a map that monsters don't naturally spawn on or monsters which do not naturally spawn on monster spawned maps. Do not spawn monsters in any town or inside buildings in a town (almost all mobs have teleport skill and if you're spawning inside a building they may disappear to another portion of the map). The only exception to the rule is alchemists plant/mushroom spawning inside underpopulated buildings and away from interfering with other players, if mobs appear from spawning, their life will eventually expire if you cannot kill the mob or it teleports away. Players must not spawn monsters in towns, 1 map away from any town and not in low level training areas. There are designated private party/guild rooms for the specific use of spawning monsters and MVPs. It is highly encouraged to use those. Mob Dropping is the act of grouping up multiple monsters and dumping them whether purposely or mistakenly on another player. Monsters often behave on an aggro range, once their target has left aggro range or target hides they will immediately change to the next closest target. If this was done mistakenly the player is to immediately try to reclaim aggro or assist in killing the dropped monsters and with our Exp Revamp System, death carries a heavier than normal consequence. Intentional monster dropping by mobbing excessively large amounts of monsters and dumping them on a player is deemed punishable. If you are a witness to or a victim of such acts, report the player. Griefing is the act of purposely disrupting another player's normal game-play. This includes but not limited to: Healing/Buffing monsters, debuffing a player outside of PVP arenas, WoE, PVP enabled maps. Causing another player's user active interface (UI) to unexpectedly change or cause disruption to their game-play, thus being party invites, trade requests, guild invites, whispers and all other forms of UI spams are considered griefing. MVP's are considered free for all. However use of any skill that disrupts another player's ability to attack the MVP is considered griefing - Ice wall, Pneuma, Safety Wall and any buffing/healing of the MVP is griefing. Any player to be found guilty of purposeful griefing in any way will be punished. Scamming is the act of deception/lying to fellow players. Players are to report any scam or anything that might be a scam by another player. For the players safety it is encouraged to keep all communications within the in-game client as all communications/actions/item pickups/drops/trades/logins and logouts are logged on the server.log for reference. Severe punishments will be issued for anyone found guilty of scamming. Impersonation is the act of copying or pretending to be another user in the game. By creating characters with seemingly identical names as fellow players for malicious purposes, or impersonating on shared accounts. Do not mislead, misconstrue or conduct impersonating behaviour in any way, shape or form. MidiCityRO team members will never conduct GM duties on player accounts, nor will they claim they are GM's on player accounts. A GM will never ask for your password nor ask you to communicate over a 3rd party medium/platform. Severe punishments apply for anyone found guilty of impersonating players/GM's. Client Modification is the act of modifying a client folder to change game-play. Refer to forums for a full list of allowances. Tests to ensure players aren't using modified clients will be very regular and conducted at any time and without notice. Patching errors are likely to occur with modified clients so should you use mods; you knowingly or unknowingly relinquish rights to technical support from the MiDiCityRO team. Ensure that when organising parties/raids/WoE/groupings of any kind, that all members understand what their role is in said party and reward entitlements after completion (if any). It is encouraged to decide prior to conducting any group based activity how any rewards received should be distributed. Do not attempt to involve the GM team in disputes over reward entitlements if the above was not followed prior to receiving. If any foul play upon the agreed reward entitlements is noted, only then may GM intervention take place. Decisions by MiDiCityRO Team Members are based upon severity, combination of ToS breaches and discretion of team members. Players are entitled to an appeal process which is explained in more detail above. If you feel a team member is abusing one's privileges whether as a victim, or a witness to, you may report the issue via ticket or directly to their Team Leader. If it is the team leader in question; then report directly to Administrator(s). Abusing this functionality or supplying fabricated evidence to the team will be deemed severely punishable. Language Rules ENGLISH ONLY in the main towns, fields, camp and rest areas, dungeons and any public setting that you share with other Midi Citizens. Speaking in other languages is only encouraged while using the party, guild and private chat with a player, or players, that speak the same language. However, if there is a player, or a few more players, that does not speak the same language then the first rule applies. Forum Rules Usage of the forum is to completely abide by the above stated General Platform(s) Usage Rules. In addition to the following: Unable to follow the above rules will result in penalties applied by moderators. This includes warnings, locking of thread(s), moving thread(s), removing thread(s), reduced permissions and banning. Creation of a new thread must be in legible English and posted appropriately in the correct forum. Do not create multiple threads over the same topic/issue, this is known as spamming. Use the Edit feature if you've made a mistake. Do not post anything that is graphic in nature, disturbing, offensive to any party or explicit material. This includes anything in relation to forum accounts visibility, i.e. - Hyperlinking/text, Avatars, Signatures etc... Do not recreate an old thread, recycling is good! Do not expose sensitive information. Bumping of one’s own thread may be allowed up to once per day. Avoid posting misconstrued, invalidated, unrelated information. Report a Player Guideline Please include all of the following when reporting a player: Misuse of the Report a Player feature will result in the above penalties mentioned. In-Game Name(s) of player(s): (Include all involved and their state in the offence - Offending Player/Victim/Witness) Time/Date of offence: Where offence occurred: What is the offence(s): How did the offence occur? (Provide detailed description) Screenshots/links related to incident: Any other helpful information: (Who else can we confirm information from?) Marketplace Rules When Buying, be specific on what you're buying and the price you're offering. Once your purchase(s) are complete, edit your thread accordingly. When Selling, be specific on what you're selling and the price you're asking. Also edit your thread upon completion. Price Check is the exception to the rule of recreating old threads (old being more than 1 month) - As prices may fluctuate over time. Auction Rules: Exact Description Of Item(s)/Service(s). Start Date. End Date. (No cancellation of auction(s) prior to end date is allowed, once an item is up for auction it is deemed not in any individual's active possession) Starting Bid (if any). You may not accept anything other than zeny on your auction thread. Bidding Increments (if any). Contact Information. Unrated Online interactivity Disclaimer This disclaimer is to acknowledge that content(s) within the game/forum/social mediums/website and interactivity with other users may contain graphic, suggestive, mature and unrated themes. Whilst abiding by the in game rules and general platform rules there is no guarantee that users won't be subject to such themes and are to remain accountable for one’s self on what the individual deems appropriate and comfortable with. If at any point a user feels threatened, uncomfortable, disturbed or negatively affected in any way, the user is obligated to remove themselves from the situation and discontinue any active partaking of said interaction. Terms of Service Acknowledgement You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all sections of the above outlying acknowledgement. You understand that by agreeing to the above, you are equipped with a basis of mutual agreement with all parties involved with MidiCity Administrator(s) & Co. and MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Servers fellow users and players.
  7. must read

    IV. Help and Support General Multiple avenues are available for support in all areas of gameplay and platform usage. In-Game Many users are knowledgeable enough to help in anything technical or general questions about gameplay and mechanics. Users acknowledge that not all parties are at a same understanding of knowledge in terms of how to play and are encouraged to support the learning user. In the event that one requires GM attention to any breaches of rules by fellow user, the breacher himself, or you are in need of help. Using the command @request, it will issue a global message to all GMs that are currently online in game. If there is still no response after 5 minutes you may send another @request. If there is no response after the 2nd attempt it may just seem that there are no active GMs online at the time. The next step is to, depending on the situation, decide whether to go to the website under support, in the forums under Midi City Support or directly contact a staff in the Discord channel. Tickets Tickets are to be used in the event that a situation has occurred in game where no GM presence after using @request appeared or about something that can't be instantly rectified and an investigation must take place. Disclose as much information as possible, screenshots, timestamps, anything and everything that can possibly help in the investigation to whatever the situation may be. Appeals are to be processed through tickets. Once a ticket is closed do not attempt to recreate another replicate ticket over the same situation. Do not ask other players to lodge tickets over the same situation. Wait times may vary depending on how long an investigation can take and severity of the situation. The MiDiCityRO team will attempt to respond to all tickets in a timely manner! However we are human too and sometimes it can take time. Real-Time Support Though the MiDiCityRO team may not actively be in game at all times. There's a lot happening behind the scenes in developing, maintaining server hosts and web hosts, moderating forums and implementing scripts, custom content and upcoming updates. We're all very active in our fields and can be found on most commonly the Discord platform. There is a general text channel for general banter, and also a support channel for any support needs. Terms of Service Acknowledgement You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all sections of the above outlying acknowledgement. You understand that by agreeing to the above, you are equipped with a basis of mutual agreement with all parties involved with MidiCity Administrator(s) & Co. and MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Servers fellow users and players.
  8. V. Donations and Paypal MidiCityRO Private Server Is an entirely Free To Play Project run entirely by Volunteers. Volunteers to this project do not benefit financially from any work(s) contributed to this project. The MidiCity project does accept donations as a form of supporting maintenance and content creation/purchasing(s) for the server. Via server tiers, the team collects and contributes all incoming donations to goals for the current month. Almost all new content is outsourced and purchased. This includes, new maps, sprites, retextures, source code changes, panel changes etc.. Each individual piece is priced accordingly and often very expensive as it is owned/crafted by separate entities. When something is purchased for the private use of this server. It is for the rights in particular to use their work(s). All credit is given to the original owner(s) of said works. Donating is not necessary, but it is highly appreciated as each donation contributes to the release of content much faster for the server. It is important to note that donating is the act of giving without any form of return service attached. We are not providing any service for the exchange of monetary values. Donations are not purchasing rights or deemed advantageous to the user performing the act in regards to the servers standings. PayPal is the sole service in which donations can be made through to the project. PayPal is a for-profit organization. This means for each transaction they charge their own sets of fees in which to profit accordingly. We strongly advise you to read through their ToS and abide by the governing laws for your country or place of donation. Please abide by all the laws in your governing country and state. You must be 18 years and older to use the PayPal Service. We hold the rights to refuse and return any donation processed for any reason; plausible or not. Chargebacks are not to be made under any circumstance. As the donation is deemed a donation via PayPals ToS. Please review PayPals rules in regards to chargebacks on donated goods. Should you like your donation returned. contact the administration team within 48 hours of processing the donation. Donation Appreciation As appreciation for donations we may offer rewards with in-game cosmetic value items and consumables. To maintain the ability of choice for these items, the use of in-game cash points are allocated. None of these appreciation based items are game changing to the point of giving unfair advantages over fellow users. We may also offer tier based customised rewards as appreciation. Contact the team or refer to the correct thread in forums for the current up to date tier(s). This Donation ToS is a document that must be read and acknowledged before performing any donation through PayPal. This acknowledgement is currently in effect and subject to change at any time and without notice. Terms of Service Acknowledgement You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all sections of the above outlying acknowledgement. You understand that by agreeing to the above, you are equipped with a basis of mutual agreement with all parties involved with MidiCity Administrator(s) & Co. and MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Servers fellow users and players.
  9. Heyaaa everyone! These are the changes from 13 Jul 2017 to 10 Oct 2017 that has been implemented. I'd be posting more soon after I compile more changes and implementations for the rest of the month of October. _______________________________________________________________________________________ [13th July 2017 ]- New server host- New Webhost - New Forum - New Domain - New admin & team, server foundation and direction - Updated client + new patcher reserved [14th July 2017] - New Mall map created - Warping NPC's to Mall and from script. - Paid-in-full new Thor patcher template est - 2-3 days for completion - Begun listing mobs and skill card effects and debuffs - Mobtalktable.txt - 10 more talking walking annoying mobs [17th July 2017]- New range of BGMs (StudioA) (New title/default BGM) - Final design on Patching template - Begun coding patcher - New Set of custom cards (Skill cards) - Continuing balancing of skill cards alongside character base level - New map started - Summer events map - Scripting tweaks for renaming issues - Clientinfo.xml Edits - Even more walking talking annoying mobs [19th July 2017] - Patcher completed and implemented- Even more custom skill cards - implemented colored cards - Episode 0 (Open Testing) Release in the next few days [21st July 2017]- More skill cards implemented and patched- Testing in progress [23rd July 2017][Map Update Log: Agogo Trail (agogo_trail)] - Correct effect in Agogo Trail (thorc effect) - Smooth the shadows a little - Correct the fireflies effect - Check the GAT- Check the tree at the camp - Completed. [25th July 2017] - Huge patch released - Over 30+ maps added - Remaining Runeterra maps added - Few extra instance based maps added - Event, PVP and GVG map added [29th July 2017] - Fixed error with patching new maps- New pet available - Feature video and updated version of map showcase started - Further Database balances with Mob Skill Cards - New events island map implemented (Quest based) - New fountains added in the mall map [4th August 2017] - New website design + Landing page underway - Forum Design started - New BGM implemented - Feature video in editing - New skill cards now work with functioning scripts - New client released for accessing new maps, patches too large (Still erroring randomly) - Minor script fixes - Event island map, water levels lowered to stop clipping in boat issue - Filler npc implemented rune_fild01 [10th August 2017][Map Update Log: Insland Map] - Boat corrected- Lightmap changed - Details add- Fishes corrected [6th October 2017] - New textures implemented - Filler NPC in Agogo Trail - BGMS Overhaul (Link will be available soon, will keep everyone posted) - Extra maps implemented - Newly retextured mobs - New costumes [7th October 2017]- New maps: Train Trash - 12 more skill cards (Needs testing) - Exp revamp system - New item textures added - New NPC in Agogo and filling in other NPCs (Note: Alice in Agogo isn't working so please kindly avoid talking to her) [10th October 2017] - Tons of new skill cards: Use @ii for the names and @item to produce items, like this one, starting from item number 50002 to 50091- New chill/resting/safe spot map; Rune Nowa (rune_nowa) [Map Update Log: Islang06 -> Fish Island (fish_isl): -Map corrections and added details. - Map sounds_______________________________________________________________________________________ Capricorn x