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crapricorn I'm the mum.

Heyyaaa everyone~! :x

It is I, the The Greyt Capricorn, yep all beginning letters should be CAPS.... ya get it CAPS 'cause I'm CAPricorn? :D. Okay never mind -_- Anyway dear reader, Grey's introduction probably gave you a bit of an insight about Midi's development journey and staff attributes and I second that! 


"So what do you do?"

Well, I was just a mere helper staff when Midi first started that does a bit of things from time to time but shit at it. And now with Midi City RO 2.0, technically, and an improved skill set, I am now part of the core development team :x I do custom maps (I did 6 already and another one in progress), basic scripting (I can do a dialogue script and basic quest script), a bit of DB (actually just replacing iteminfo.lua files and renaming items lol), in charge of the social media (I do the advertising and the graphic works needed for it) and just being Capri all around. I am also like the team's mum that tells the team what to do, ask how their current task is doing and pretty-ing things up.


How to spot a Capri?

You'll probably see me around our Facebook Page, Discord channel, Forums and in Midi City RO but Discord is where you'll see me and the rest of the staffs active and talking to everyone, although the staff mostly spend their free time by making fun of me :S. Anyway, don't worry about it, I'm used to them being naturally disrespectful and rude towards their mum ¬¬


That's basically it. Soooo... I'll see you guys around!

Toodles! xD:x


Please don't forget that Grey is ebil, Hyuse/Octopus is RO God, Nyanko is mapper god, Maximilian is always drunk and horny for Grey, Maxi makes cocaine and is always missing, Yonkou is sprite god, Cyro is web dev god and busy, and Senpipi is cool.. he's still new so idk how ebil he is yet :P 

A special mention to Valkyrie Solutions: Rin, Gamma Jay, Benching, Yuchinchin and Syzygy for being a wonderful trusted dev partner :x


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