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Rin Tohsaka

MIDICity RO Closed Beta Ends - Release Info

Greetings everyone!

I. Closed Beta

We would like to thank everyone's participation on our current beta test! Because of efforts of people, we have managed to clear out most, if not all, bugs and glitches in the game.

As thanks to those people, we will prepare a very special reward for everyone who participated in this beta, and the previous one as well, as long as MIDI Staff recognizes them. More information will be given on a later date, but please look forward to these rewards!

II. Official Release

The date comes closer and closer, and we are very excited to showcase what we have for you guys! We'll keep some under wraps though, as we don't want to spoil your all-new adventure into a Ragnarok Online server that has gone above and beyond any other server currently out there.

Mark your dates, we will be OFFICIALLY releasing this DECEMBER 16, 2017, +8 GMT [ Singapore ]. We'll also be preparing a lot of events to in whole time-span of December to celebrate the release of the game (Finally eh?).

III. Features

Below is a list of features that we have polished and we have deemed to be ready for public access, and some features that we have removed.

  • Revamped Experience System
  • Anvil Crafting System
  • Mining System
  • Quest Board System - Player created quests
  • Monster Association System - Per Field-based quests
  • Album Collection System - Per Field-based quests
  • Life System
  • Runeterra Red vs Blue PvP System

There may be more, so please keep a keen eye on them in-game!

IV. Events

  • Facebook Sharing Event
    • We've prepared a Facebook Share button to easily share our promotions. Sharing will net you rewards in-game. After sharing, you can claim these rewards from an NPC in-game as soon as you finish sharing it! No need to wait for administrators or game masters to hand you your reward! Isn't that neat?!
  • The Bug Hunt
    • Detail out a report in the forums to get included in this event! All you have to do is provide a screenshot, a short description of the bug and how you can reproduce it. Find a game breaking bug? Well, you're in luck, you'll be added to a special raffle to win something awesome this Christmas!
  • Increased Experience Rate
    • For the month of December, we'll be pumping up the experience you gain from Monsters, from 3x up to 6x.
    • Remember, this also goes hand-in-hand with the Life System that provides you bonus experience depending on your Energy levels!
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