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Compilation of Changes from 13 Jul 2017 to 10 Oct 2017

Heyaaa everyone! :x These are the changes from 13 Jul 2017 to 10 Oct 2017 that has been implemented. I'd be posting more soon after I compile more changes and implementations for the rest of the month of October. 

[13th July 2017 ]- New server host- New Webhost - New Forum - New Domain - New admin & team, server foundation and direction - Updated client + new patcher reserved [14th July 2017] - New Mall map created - Warping NPC's to Mall and from script. - Paid-in-full new Thor patcher template est - 2-3 days for completion - Begun listing mobs and skill card effects and debuffs - Mobtalktable.txt - 10 more talking walking annoying mobs [17th July 2017]- New range of BGMs (StudioA) (New title/default BGM) - Final design on Patching template - Begun coding patcher - New Set of custom cards (Skill cards) - Continuing balancing of skill cards alongside character base level - New map started - Summer events map - Scripting tweaks for renaming issues - Clientinfo.xml Edits - Even more walking talking annoying mobs [19th July 2017] - Patcher completed and implemented- Even more custom skill cards - implemented colored cards - Episode 0 (Open Testing) Release in the next few days [21st July 2017]- More skill cards implemented and patched- Testing in progress [23rd July 2017][Map Update Log: Agogo Trail (agogo_trail)] - Correct effect in Agogo Trail (thorc effect) - Smooth the shadows a little - Correct the fireflies effect - Check the GAT- Check the tree at the camp - Completed. [25th July 2017] - Huge patch released - Over 30+ maps added - Remaining Runeterra maps added - Few extra instance based maps added - Event, PVP and GVG map added [29th July 2017] - Fixed error with patching new maps- New pet available - Feature video and updated version of map showcase started - Further Database balances with Mob Skill Cards - New events island map implemented (Quest based) - New fountains added in the mall map [4th August 2017] - New website design + Landing page underway - Forum Design started - New BGM implemented - Feature video in editing - New skill cards now work with functioning scripts - New client released for accessing new maps, patches too large (Still erroring randomly) - Minor script fixes - Event island map, water levels lowered to stop clipping in boat issue - Filler npc implemented rune_fild01 [10th August 2017][Map Update Log: Insland Map] - Boat corrected- Lightmap changed - Details add- Fishes corrected [6th October 2017] - New textures implemented - Filler NPC in Agogo Trail - BGMS Overhaul (Link will be available soon, will keep everyone posted) - Extra maps implemented - Newly retextured mobs - New costumes [7th October 2017]- New maps: Train Trash - 12 more skill cards (Needs testing) - Exp revamp system - New item textures added - New NPC in Agogo and filling in other NPCs (Note: Alice in Agogo isn't working so please kindly avoid talking to her) [10th October 2017] - Tons of new skill cards: Use @ii for the names and @item to produce items, like this one, starting from item number 50002 to 50091- New chill/resting/safe spot map; Rune Nowa (rune_nowa) [Map Update Log: Islang06 -> Fish Island (fish_isl): -Map corrections and added details. - Map sounds_______________________________________________________________________________________

Capricorn x

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