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must read I. Responsibility

I. Responsibility


  • This Terms of Service, is the conditional agreement in which all members of all parties involved conduct services within MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server.
  • Administrator(s) and Co. consult on such platforms, but not limited to; Server, Client, Forum, Control Panel, Web-server and Social Mediums.
  • Users of platform(s) acknowledge whether knowingly or unknowingly the below agreement and adhere to fair use of contents provided by services under MidiCityRO Administrator(s) and Co. Said agreement is worded to protect and preserve all parties involved under a basis of mutual understanding.

About Us

  • MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server (MidiCityRO) Administrator(s) and Co. are a not-for-profit Volunteer based free to play project.


  • Our Vision is to create/explore/expand and develop a nostalgic Low Rate Classic Pre-Renewal Private Ragnarok Online Server, true to its origin and core game-play values.
  • In addition to amassing highly sought after pop-culture integration into game-play and reference. A server built by Otakus’ for Otakus!


  • All parties agree to adhere to any content(s) distributed in any shape or form in reference to MidiCityRO, whether it is content similarity; advertising, review, opinions, links, highlights, blogs, video or audio. These are subject to change at any time and without notice.
  • MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server's Administrator(s) and Co. reserves the right to change any and all content(s) that MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server's Administrator(s) and Co. associates with.


  • Users acknowledge that using any services provided by MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Server, Administrator(s) and Co. is entirely voluntary and relinquish all stakes to claim ownership, whether fictional or nonfictional.
  • Entitlement of use is the allowance of a free to use service and reserving name(s) on all platforms for individual use.
  • Privileges can, and without notice, be changed/relinquished from any user at any time in the form of warnings, muting, suspensions, account banning, IP banning, renaming and deletion of any or all parts of user(s) account(s).

Terms of Service Acknowledgment

  • You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to adhere to all sections of the above outlying acknowledgement. You understand that by agreeing to the above, you are equipped with a basis of mutual agreement with all parties involved with MidiCity Administrator(s) & Co. and MidiCity Ragnarok Online Private Servers fellow users and players. 

On behalf of the MiDiCityRO Team, we encourage everyone to follow one rule. Have fun! And enjoy the services provided by our passionate team!

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